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Trailer trap openers provide a safer work environment for the manual and progressively slower job of opening and unloading dry bulk trailers. The use of an automated Trailer Trap Opener eliminates employee injury and fatigue while optimizing speed and efficiency. Repetitive stress from hand-cranking traps causes injury to workers’ shoulders and arms, but WORKMASTER Trailer Trap Openers are designed to improve the process, eliminating the safety and productivity problems associated with hand-cranking.

Find the right Opener for your needs with our selection of Pneumatic or Electric-Over-Hydraulic Bulk Trailer Trap Openers. AIRMATIC’s selection of Truck Trap Openers from WORKMASTER feature Step & Lock Foot Brake, multiple drive fittings to adapt to most trailers, over 5 feet of reach, and come in both mobile and stationary models.


Truck Trap Openers - Pneumatic

For maximum productivity at your unloading site, a Pneumatic Trailer Trap Opener offers a versatile and portable alternative to hand-cranking bulk trailer traps.    

Truck Trap Openers - Electric Over Hydraulic

Electric over Hydraulic mobile and stationary Trailer Trap Openers are designed to eliminate safety and productivity problems associated with opening and unloading grain trailers and other dry bulk trailers.

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